Is Outer Ring Road Really Outer? Real Estate Around Outer Ring Road in Hyderabad Will Change Your Thoughts

The Outer Ring Road (ORR) of Hyderabad is a massive 8-laned road that spans a distance of 150 kilometers. This road acts as a major bridging factor in Hyderabad as it connects various outer suburbs of Hyderabad to the main city. The ORR (Outer Ring Road) has been built with an intent to decongest the traffic on the main roads in the city. It, therefore, acts a great alternative for faster access to the suburbs of Hyderabad. If you wish to reach the airport faster and wish to avoid the traffic, then you can take the Outer Ring Road as a better option.

Outer Ring Road: Residential Haven

The area around the outer ring road in Hyderabad not only satiates the convenience factors, it also tends to offer a myriad of lucrative real estate options in the suburbs of Hyderabad. The locality around the Outer Ring Road has been observing immense developments on the real estate front. The areas around the Outer Ring Road like Gachibowli and Kokapet are observing a high rise in the apartment constructions. Similarly, some royal localities like the APPA Junction observe the presence of lavish apartments along with bungalow and villa residential projects. There is a plethora of real estate projects with some focusing on the creamy layer of the society, while others catering to the economical section of the home owners.

The ORR has attracted several leading developers of Hyderabad with a reputable track like the Prestige, Incor, My Home, Aparna, and Rajapushpa. These pioneer names in the real estate industry have come with some highly affordable as well as luxurious residential options in the localities around the famous Outer Ring Road in Hyderabad. For the buyers who are looking for quality projects with the timely delivery assurance, the Outer Ring Road localities have a vast number of affordable options.

The prices properties in Hyderbad tend to vary greatly on the basis of the type of real estate project as well as on the developers. For instance, the average price range for a multi-storey apartment in the locality of Puppalaguda might be around 3,000 INR per square feet. Similarly, it might be around 3500 INR psf in APPA Junction, 4000 INR psf in Gandipet/Kokapet and around 5000 INR psf in Gachibowli. The home buyers could observe the price variations from one developer to the other. Therefore, they can take the final decision only after detailed analysis.

Outer Ring Road: Social Amenities

With the presence of several habitations across all its sides, the Outer Ring Road has also attracted various types of conveniences and amenities to benefit the residents of the new apartments and houses. There are various educational institutions from primary schools to colleges to cater the children of the IT professionals in the region. There is the presence of excellent medical care facilities in the region with leading names like the Max Cure Hospital, Continental Hospital, and Care Hospital in the nearby areas.

The best part of the convenience offered by the Outer Ring Road to the residents around it is the excellence of connectivity to the main city as well as to the popular destinations. For those residing in the localities of the ORR in Hyderabad, they are provided relief from the hassles of the traffic and get to live in a peaceful environment.

The Outer Ring Road plays a major role as a contributor to the development of Hyderabad and its suburb regions to make them a center of residential and commercial complexes.